My Man Boob Surgery Experience

cost of gynecomastia surgery in san francisco

A few years ago, I made a difficult decision that changed my life. I decided to have Marin county gynecomastia surgery performed by Dr. Delgado in San Francisco, California. It was a tough decision to make, to have this surgery. I mean who really wants to have surgery on their boobs when you are a guy. Guys are not to have boobs. It was very humbling to face the fact that I needed this surgery. It was even more humiliating to continue to walk around town with this problem. When you can over hear the middle school kids at the pool making fun of you because your breasts are larger than your wife’s you know you have a serious problem. It was important that I take this problem seriously. We can all joke around blame it on the Risperdal and or the ADHD medication that I took when I was a teen, but the reality is that my eating habits and lack of exercise contributed to this problem. I finally decided to consult with my doctor on a course of treatment. He recommended that I have gynecomastia surgery. He also recommended a change in my diet and more exercise that would strengthen my pectoral muscles.

I was afraid at first about the gynecomastia san jose surgery and the life that it would bring to me and my family after the drastic change. I talked to all my friends and family seriously about what I was going to do. They encouraged me to seek out what I wanted and then to go for it. They were concerned about my health and the safety of the surgery. My doctor calmed my fears and relayed to me that the results of doing nothing and to continue with this weight issue, and San Francisco man boobs, could cause breast cancer and other health concerns later on in life. So I went for it, and signed up for the surgery. Yes, I had my doubts about how I would look, and how effective this surgery would be. I had doubts about if I could keep off the weight, and concerns of what would happen if my breasts grew back again. After the Gynecomastia-Specialist surgery, I was so excited about how my body looked. No longer would the little middle school kids sit and laugh at me at the pool. I felt more confident, and was encouraged by my new look that I would succeed.  Click here to see bodybuilders with gynecomastia.

This surgery gave me a new lease on life. No longer would I have to think about my future of wearing a bra, and being embarrassed at the pool. I felt confident and felt encouraged that I could sit at the pool with my children and wife, and not be embarrassed by my body. My man boobs were gone, and a thing of the past. The Gynecomastia Surgery was one of the best decisions I made for my life, and for my health. I would recommend it to anyone who may have this problem. It will give you the freedom to be proud of your physique again.  Find out more about my experience at this site which can be found at

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